Stutz Drafted 10th in the KBL

Picture by KBL

Picture courtesy of KBL

Garrett has been training hard to prove he belongs on a professional team. Like most players who graduate from college and played in a D-1 program, he spent his summer showing scouts and GM’s what he was made of. He had multiple work outs with NBA teams prior to the NBA draft, and then played on multiple teams in the NBA’s summer league. He finished out his summer playing with the Boston Celtics, but won’t be playing stateside next year.

Stutz took part in the Korean Basketball League’s (KBL) foreign player draft on the 26th of July. It took place at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ninety foreign players were invited to take part, and only 20 were selected. Garrett was the last pick of round one, coming in at the 10th overall pick. Some clarification on “foreign player draft” should be done. Korea allows each team to draft two foreign players (non-Korean) to each of their 10 teams. There used to be a height restriction on the incoming players, but recently they have stopped that.

Anyang KGC will be the team that Stutz plays for. Their official website is Anyang KGC. That is, if you can read Korean.

Good luck Garrett, there are a lot of Shocker fans routing for you.