Tekele Cotton

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 185
Position: Shooting Guard
High School: Whitefield Academy
Hometown: Mableton, Georgia

Summary: Tekele is a great guard. Keeping to Coach Marshall’s previous recruiting, Tekele is a great combo guard. He is a bit inconsistent from the arc, but is great off the dribble, drives to the hoop hard, and finishes well. He does have the ability to get hot from beyond the arc, and not stop. Its just the games where he can’t get it going, that he struggles. He is fast and strong, but his height can be a weakness, which makes his ability to shoot of the dribble even more important.

He comes from Whitefield Academy which has good coaching, so expect him to come into our program knowing how basketball is played at this level. He has received good coaching through high school, and with Coach Marshall and the staff we have, we can develop his raw talent into something down the line that could take us deep into a season on a good combo guard.