Marshall clashes with refs after ejection

Marshall clashes with refs after ejection

On Tuesday, Gregg Marshall and Co. competed in their fourth game of their Canadian tour. The Shockers ended up winning 77-71 after being energized by Marshall harnessing his inner Lou Pinella, Lloyd McClendon, and Joe Torre to let the officials have a piece of his mind. A combination of the scorers table not crediting his team with a basket on three separate occasions, rough play including stitches and a concussion for Rauno Nurger, and touch fouls called on the Shockers brought him to the boiling point. The moment that sent Marshall to the floor, was after a foul was called on Zach Brown while boxing out. After Marshall’s ejection, the Shockers went on to score twenty one points to take the lead, and ultimately the victory.

The game recap from McGill Athletics quotes Marshall;

“I knew that there was a tremendous quality of basketball up here and good coaching. But the level of play and talent (was impressive). Both of these teams (McGill and Carleton) have players that can play in a lot of places. So what these coaches are doing is finding guys… and doing a good job with what they have. They’re competitive, tough and skilled. We’ve had some Canadians on our team and we do very well with those guys. There are a number of them in the NBA, so I’m not at all surprised but seeing it first hand, is impressive. I’m more impressed with your players than your refereeing.”

In an article by Paul Suellentrop (@PaulSuellentrop) of the Wichita Eagle, Marshall is quoted;

“There were players with stitches, concussions, not keeping score accurately, a bloodbath, then touch fouls on us, I’m not happy nor proud of the reaction but when is enough, enough? I want my players to know I’ve got their back. Once ejected, I wanted the ref to know exactly my impression of his work.” – Marshall 


After his ejection, Shocker players huddled on the court and newcomer, junior Darral Willis is quoted;

“Once Coach got kicked out, we all got in a huddle and said, ‘We need this for Coach,'” – Willis

Quotes galore, but as the late, great, Billy Mays famously said, “but wait, there’s more.”

“He’s a strong old man,” Willis

Update as 1:45 pm 8/10/16 – Gregg Marshall suspended for final game of Canadian tour.

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