Wichita State Shockers

Wichita State MVC Regular Season Champs

Wichita State MVC Regular Season Champs

With a 68-55 win last night on the road against Illinois State, this Shocker team clinched the regular season MVC title, and is one step closer to going down in the history books, as one of the best teams to grace The Roundhouse. The scary thing about this team is that I don’t think they’ve peaked yet. I truly believe that we haven’t seen the best basketball that this team can play. The closest to perfection this team has played all year would be the most recent game against Creighton, in Omaha. The team seems to be meshing well, moving the ball around quickly and efficiently, and most of all they’re making shots. They push the tempo offensively, but can also slow it down and run an effective half-court offense. They dominate on defense, and dominate the rebound margin.

There really aren’t many things this team does poorly, and most of the time they work as a cohesive unit so well, that players like Garrett Stutz, who arguably had an off night against the Redbirds, still comes away with a double-double. Stutz was just 5-15 from the field last evening, but still managed to score 12 points and record 14 boards. If a team’s starting center, and big time player can shoot just 33% from the field and still win by 13 on the road, that’s something special. This 2012 Shocker team is graced with explosive players that on any given game day can put up 20+ points, and I truly believe that.

This group of Seniors needs to be commended on how they play the game, how they represent the university, and how they carry themselves as men. They’ve been the mold that keeps this program together, and on Saturday afternoon, it will be their last home game as a Shocker. It’s not a responsibility, but a duty as a fan to show them the respect that they deserve on senior night. This is for David Kyles, Toure Murry, Joe Ragland, Ben Smith, and Garrett Stutz. These 5 warriors have stuck it out. They have given it their all, and they’ve done things not a lot of Shockers have done in the past. They’ve given the fans a post season championship, they’ve given the fans a regular season championship, they’ve set the single season win record, and the most important thing of all, they have the opportunity to give even more in the future. Congratulations Seniors, you’ve made every Wichita State alum, student, and fan proud.


Video courtesy of WuShock Reaper on ShockerNet

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