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Perry Ellis to Host Wichita State for In-Home Visit

Perry Ellis to Host Wichita State for In-Home Visit

Perry Ellis has started his in home visits recently with Kansas visiting last Friday the 9th, K-State visiting yesterday Monday the 12th, and Wichita State is up tonight, Tuesday the 13th. Kentucky will be the last to present their push for Perry this Friday the 16th. Every school in the mix has their own unique approach, and their own unique environment to cater to what Perry wants. The choice in my opinion all comes down to a few factors from reading articles where either Perry has spoken, or his mother Fonda has spoken. I think his comfort level with the staff, and university are a major if not most important thing, and then after that I think it comes down to who offers Perry the best route for development, winning, staff loyalty, fan support, and education.

We will see where Wichita State lands next to these big boys of recruiting. But to think Wichita State doesn’t have a legitimate chance in attaining Perry for next year, is a bit naive. Wichita State has intangibles that the other schools simply can not offer him, and the biggest thing is location. The staff could simply walk to Perry’s house for this recruiting trip. Which flipped around, means Perry could simply jog home to see his mother, or get away from college life for even just an hour of his day. College basketball players spend an insane amount of time practicing, traveling to games, homework, going to class, and I’m sure a lot of players would love to be able to just walk home to get away for just a minute. Going to any of these other schools makes that impossible, but at least KSU and KU allow him to make a couple hours drive home, not unbearable. The fact Perry knows the community, has strong ties here, and support from the local community, even in his High School career has to be somewhat of a factor for him.

To round out this Perry Ellis article, I will say this. Perry is a mature High School senior. He has his head screwed on straight, and already has a grasp of handling school, basketball, and all of this recruiting going on around him. He has a 4.0 GPA, and skipped a major AAU event so he could study for his classes. Wherever he goes, not only will they be getting a great ballplayer, but a great student and hard worker.

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