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Wichita State Brazil Trip Palmeiras and Brazil National Team Recap

Wichita State Brazil Trip Palmeiras and Brazil National Team Recap

The Shockers have played two games so far while in Brazil. They played Palmeiras on Monday, and the Brazilian National Team on Tuesday. They lost both games, Palmeiras 81 – Shockers 76, and Brazil 87 – Shockers 61.  Don’t panic too much, because both of these teams are superb basketball talents. Palmeiras is one of the top Brazilian professional teams, and obviously the Brazilian National Team is the best basketball in the entire country of Brazil. These are all grown men, professionally playing the game. In both games we had everyone see minutes, all the way from our veteran players like Stutz, Murry, Kyles, and Ragland, all the way down to true freshmen Wessel, Cotton, White, Egharevba, and Cotton. So coming out to Brazil and the best competition some of our guys had played against in their life being AAU tournaments, prep school, or high school ball, and competing with grown men who get paid to ball, has got to put a smile on your face, I know it does for me.

In the Palmeiras game Ben Smith led the team with 16 points, followed by Murry and Stutz having 10 a piece. This was as deep of stats on the game as I could find.

In the Brazilian National Team game, Carl Hall had a double double with 13 points, 12 boards, Kyles had 14, Ragland with 10, Murry with 6, and White and Wessel both with 4 a piece.

These stats are unofficial and come from @STLshoxfan who is with the team down in Brazil. He’s doing an awesome job of posting up the game info over twitter. If you haven’t followed him on twitter be sure to do so. He’s doing a great job.

Here are play by play tweets of the games. Read from the bottom up.

Wichita State vs. Brazil National Team

Wichita State vs. Palmeiras

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