Clevin Hannah Interview

Clevin Hannah Interview

Shocker Hoops recently had the chance to have a quick Q & A with our very own Clevin Hannah. He started his career at Wichita State in 2008-09. He was a JUCO transfer from Chipola under Greg Heiar, and a year earlier he was at Paris JUCO, the same school that Ramon Clemente attended. Clevin was a memorable player who had quick drives and a sweet jump shot. He played last season in Romania, and I tried to catch up with him on his professional career, and where he’s headed.

Shocker Hoops (SH): How was your first season over in Romania?

Clevin Hannah: It was a great experience for me.

SH: Is there a difference in styles of play between what you’ve played over in America, and basketball in Romania?

Clevin: Yeah it’s just more spacing, and more room to work in the pro’s.

SH: Any crazy stories about fans over there? I know Ramon said it was quite a culture change in Israel.

Clevin:  Not many stories about the fans, but they where great. They really love to see good basketball over there.

SH: Coach Heiar was your Coach at Chipola. Have you stayed in contact with him over the years, and can you describe what kind of coach he is like?

Clevin: Yes, Greg and I are staying in touch on a daily basis lately. He is a very passionate coach that loves to see his players work hard and be sucessful.

SH: Did you get a chance to watch any Shocker games during the season?

Clevin: Just a couple. I was proud of them this year.

SH: What are you doing now since your season ended? Any big plans in the offseason?

Clevin:  I’m just here in Wichita working out with the guys, and playing with them.

SH: Its hard to get news about you from Romania, could you tell us what your plans are for next season. Will you be on the same team?

Clevin:  I will be going to Finland to play this coming up season.

SH: What was your favorite moment as a Shocker?

Clevin: Probably when we beat Texas Tech at Koch Arena my senior year.

I just want to say thanks to Clevin for taking time out of his schedule while in Wichita to answer these questions for me. Its really great to talk to the past players, and see where they’re going, and what they’ve been up to. We have some of the best, and most approachable players, and it really is awesome to see them succeed after they leave WSU.

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