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Quick Update June 30th

Quick Update June 30th

Well I have nothing to post up that is large enough to have a full story for, but I figure it is about time I did another Quick Update, which works because there seems to be just a bunch of little stories floating around. Hey, its the off-season. If you’re out of the press at this time, its probably a good thing. Don’t want to be Tennessee or Kentucky with whispering’s of recruiting violations, or NCAA sanctions looming. Lets get started.


  • Jerome Hamilton who was removed from the team last season by Coach Marshall for undisclosed reasons, has officially transferred. There were rumblings that he might get back with the team, as he was seen around campus this summer, and played some hoops with the players still on the team. However, he is going to Connors College, a JUCO in Oklahoma. Good luck Jerome.  – Link to The Eagle
  • We’ve talked about how much of an impact Carl Hall will have on our team this year and next, but Bleacher Report has an article of the most influential JUCO transfers this next year. Carl is #2 on their list. – Link to Bleacher Report
  • The Shockers are in the weight room, and playing pick up games, getting ready for the big trip to Brazil. Most of the new players are a little shell shocked at how much time we put into the weight room here at The Dub. They obviously didn’t pay attention to how ripped nearly every single player looks on the court. – Link to The Eagle
  • Kellon Thomas, a 2012 recruiting target for The Shockers plans to play QB his senior year. He had talked about sitting out and just focusing on hoops, but the competitive nature got the best of him. – Link to Indy Star
  • Do you remember Andrew Goudelock? If the name doesn’t sound familiar, the story will bring back memories for sure. Goudelock was the player who played for College of Charleston, who put up 38 points against us in the NIT. Remember him now? The guy who drained 3 after 3 from a few feet inside the half-court line. Yeah, that guy. Well he was drafted in the 2nd round, as the 46th pick in the NBA draft by the Lakers. I think we can feel a little less shameful for allowing him to do that, since he’ll be playing with Kobe in the future. – Link to Sports Illustrated
  • This is my favorite story. The one that makes me giggle like a Japanese school girl. There was this crazy rumor going around that Missouri State was going to leave The Valley, and head to Conference USA. No other teams were rumored to go with them, no one had heard anything about this. The thing that makes it even more ridiculous, was that the rumor stated that MSU would join next year as a full member of CUSA in all sports except football, and football would be added a few years down the road. Ok, so CUSA is going to add a mediocre hoops program, and not bring their football program. I say mediocre because that’s what their program is. They have one of the lowest financial endowments of any team in the conference. They just recently built a new 11,000 seat arena, that is causing them financial woes. So much that they have increased the price of season tickets. You ask “Why would they do that?” Oh it’s because out of the 11,000 seats, the average attendance for 2011, was only around 7,500. So since they can’t spread the burden over all the people that just buy at the gate, they have to hit it home to their loyal season ticket holders. Mind you, that they couldn’t even come close to selling out their arena, the one time they actually win The Valley regular season. Yeah CUSA totally wants MSU who can’t sell out their arena, and who has such a massive TV market. Sorry MSU, but I thought pipe dreams consisted of traveling the world, and visiting Tibet, not going to CUSA. A big note about this story is that it started the rounds by a Freshman hoops player, who “read it somewhere.” The posters over on the MSU board vehemently deny that it started there, that some ex-football players who were in the know, were talking about it. But the only concrete evidence I can find is that it was started by some guy on twitter with around 20 tweets, and 30 followers. People believe anything they read on the internet. Oh and seriously, click the link.  – Link to crack head MSU fans

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