Gregg Marshall Contract Finalized


On Thursday the 19th of May, Coach Gregg Marshall and Wichita State finalized the contract extension that they had agreed on, back in April.  Its not a surprise that it was finalized, but what was a little surprising to me, was that Marshall was not bumped up to the $1 Million mark. His previous contract was for $800,000 annually, and his new 7 year contract extension is for $900,000 annually with a $150,000 yearly bonus for every year he is at Wichita State . It was rumored that the NC State job that was offered to Marshall was to run in the range of 1.3 to 1.5 million dollars a year. This can either point to two reasons why Gregg would turn down the NC State job, with that price tag attached. NC State was an absolute mess of a job, and Gregg felt that he couldn’t work with the administration, or that Wichita really is his home, and he plans to be here a while.  I think you could combine both for the answer, but I’d almost lean more towards Wichita being a home to the Marshall’s, and also that Gregg truly thinks he can build a powerhouse of a program here at Wichita State.

The details of his contract are as follows:

  • $900,000 annually for 7 years, and after each complete season an automatic 1 year extension is added on.
  • Buy out clause for Gregg to leave his contract prematurely is at $325,000 to be paid within 30 days of contract termination.
  • If Marshall is to be removed without cause, he will be paid the less of $4 Million dollars or the total of remaining seasons under his contract.
  • A handful of bonuses for performance, with the largest being $90,000 for a NCAA Championship.


Exact contract terms sourced from The Wichita Eagle.

  • Walker Schwartz

     I’m beyond stoked about this!  Here’s to hoping WSU has to pay Marshall for that NCAA Championship bonus!!!!