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Clevin Hannah Interview

Shocker Hoops recently had the chance to have a quick Q & A with our very own Clevin Hannah. He started his career at Wichita State in 2008-09. He was a JUCO transfer from Chipola under Greg Heiar, and a year earlier he was at Paris JUCO, the same school that Ramon Clemente attended. Clevin was a memorable player who had quick drives and a sweet jump shot. He played last season in Romania, and I tried to catch up with him on his professional career, and where he’s headed.

Shocker Hoops (SH): How was your first season over in Romania?

Clevin Hannah: It was a great experience for me.

SH: Is there a difference in styles of play between what you’ve played over in America, and basketball in Romania?

Clevin: Yeah it’s just more spacing, and more room to work in the pro’s.

SH: Any crazy stories about fans over there? I know Ramon said it was quite a culture change in Israel.

Clevin:  Not many stories about the fans, but they where great. They really love to see good basketball over there.

SH: Coach Heiar was your Coach at Chipola. Have you stayed in contact with him over the years, and can you describe what kind of coach he is like?

Clevin: Yes, Greg and I are staying in touch on a daily basis lately. He is a very passionate coach that loves to see his players work hard and be sucessful.

SH: Did you get a chance to watch any Shocker games during the season?

Clevin: Just a couple. I was proud of them this year.

SH: What are you doing now since your season ended? Any big plans in the offseason?

Clevin:  I’m just here in Wichita working out with the guys, and playing with them.

SH: Its hard to get news about you from Romania, could you tell us what your plans are for next season. Will you be on the same team?

Clevin:  I will be going to Finland to play this coming up season.

SH: What was your favorite moment as a Shocker?

Clevin: Probably when we beat Texas Tech at Koch Arena my senior year.

I just want to say thanks to Clevin for taking time out of his schedule while in Wichita to answer these questions for me. Its really great to talk to the past players, and see where they’re going, and what they’ve been up to. We have some of the best, and most approachable players, and it really is awesome to see them succeed after they leave WSU.


UAB to Play WSU at Intrust Bank Arena on Nov. 25

Wichita State has scheduled UAB to play on November 25th at Intrust Bank Arena. This will be the 2nd game WSU has played at Wichita’s new arena, last year we scheduled Tulsa there, and it was a big success. UAB finished last season with an RPI of 31, which is 3 places higher than WSU finished with. All things point to this being a superb choice for a game at IBA. Look for this game to possibly get some big time media attention come game time. Maybe an ESPNU or ESPN2 game.



Fred Van Vleet Video

Update 8/26: Added the official Fred VanVleet recruiting page, click to view.

Check out the new video from Fred’s AAU team. The first cross over is absolutely sick. Some amazing ball skills and passing. He’s quite the contortionist around the rim as well.


Dick Vitale Puts WSU at 31 in Preseason Poll

It looks like Gregg Marshall’s hard work and persistence with the program is paying off. Coming off the NIT Championship, we’re starting to get the media to notice us, and are giving us some praise even before the season starts. Dickie V came out with his preseason poll, and like any good blogger made it so you have to come back for more, he’s releasing his top 40, 10 teams at a time. His 31-40 were released yesterday, and the Shockers were at #31. Its not some ground breaking analysis or anything, he just mentions the NIT win, and that Coach Marshall has bigger things in his cross hairs for this next year. I think Coach isn’t the only one with bigger things in our sights. I think all of us think getting to the dance this year is definitely something we all want.

Link to Vitale’s article.


Statistic Guru Suggests WSU to Play KU and KSU

Catchy image and title, right? I got  your attention. Trust me though, this article isn’t all smoke and mirrors, or illusions of grandeur. It is actually the very opposite. It’s all statistics, and mathematical algorithms. Ken Pomeroy, who runs has released a statistical analysis, called ScheduleMatic, which deals with early season games, and how teams schedule easy wins, rather than games that have meaning, and entertainment. Ken starts his article out with some pretty eye popping statistics about the beginning of the season. If you’re like me, and talk to your friends about hoops or football, its guaranteed that eventually you will talk about how the beginning of the season is just filled with exhibitions, and glorified exhibitions, meaning the teams that are on your regular season schedule, that have no right coming into your arena and even trying to compete. Well now, Ken has put together some solid evidence that this happens, and it happens at every level of the college basketball hierarchy. Here is the first paragraph for you to read;

“There’s an epidemic taking hold of college hoops: Too many games staged early in the season are mismatches. According to FanMatch, there were 1,451 games played from the beginning of last season through December 7. Of those games, the underdog had at most a five percent chance of winning in 288 of them. In addition, there were 217 games involving a D-I team playing a non-D-I team. Overall, there were 505 glorified exhibitions played in the first four weeks of the season, which means a little more than one in every three games was decided before it started. Underdogs won 18 of these games.”

So as  you can see, the underdog only won 18 of those games. That is staggering. I will post a link to the article, at the bottom of the page, for you to read. However, he goes on to say that he created this statistical algorithm that basically matches up teams of equal skill, relative to geographical location, and lists two opponents per college. These two opponents would be matched up at the beginning of the season, and one would be a home game, and one an away game. Guess who Ken’s algorithm says Wichita State should play? KU and K-State.

So I guess here is a statistical algorithm that agrees with me, about how KU and KSU should both play Wichita State every year. I went into a much more subjective approach to the argument, but now I can have an objective approach as well.

Link to Ken Pomeroy’s most epic article.


Henry Uwadiae Commits to WSU for 2012

Henry Uwadiae who is a 6’11 210lbs. Center out of Charlotte, North Carolina originally from Nigeria, who played one year at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, and recently transferred to United Faith Christian Academy, verbally committed to WSU. He is a 2012 recruit, and is the 2nd recruit to verbally commit from that recruiting class in the past week. Fred Van Vleet also committed this week.

The Nigerian connection with the program is strong these past few years. Ehimen Orukpe is from Nigeria, and Ede Egharevba is of Nigerian decent. Henry attended the Elite camp hosted by WSU recently, and stayed around to play hoops with the other players. It was reported that Henry came up and talked with Ede, and asked where Ehimen was. Coach Marshall has had long connections with Nigeria, as one of his players at Winthrop who is Nigerian, was at the camp helping out. Eyo Effiong is his name, and he is the President of African Basketball Online, which stated on their website is “African Basketball (ABO), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the youth through sports.”

In an interview with The Eagle, Henry is quoted as saying;

“I was looking for a good athletic environment and a good relationship with the coach,” Uwadiae said. “I wanted people that can really see the potential in me and really want to bring that out. I thought they had the ability to do that. I grew up playing volleyball,” he said. “It was really hard for me, learning what basketball was all about. I’ve learned a lot of things about basketball, but there are more things I can learn. That’s why I wanted to go to a good college, where the coaches will spend time and bring me up to my full potential.”

Also in a video interview, Henry mentioned that he wishes to be a banker once he graduates from college, so I could only imagine that The Barton School of Business played at least a minor role in his choice to come to Wichita State.


Fred Van Vleet Commits to Wichita State

*****Update 8/26/11 Created Fred VanVleet’s official recruit page, click to view.

We were just made aware, 2012 recruit, Fred Van Vleet has committed to Wichita State. This just days after his visit to Wichita State. We mentioned that Coach Ford was the lead recruit on Van Vleet’s recruitment, and Chicago Hoops who broke the story, mentions how much of a vital role Dana Ford played in the recruitment of Fred. This is a huge recruiting win for Wichita State, and a huge get for Dana Ford, who can now pinpoint the start to his Wichita State career, with the recruitment of Van Vleet.

Fred Van Vleet is the #1 Point Guard recruit in Illinois for the class of 2012, and is the #2 overall recruit from his state as well. Fred is a pure point guard with great court vision, a high hoops IQ, and some silky sweet dribbling and passing skills. The future continually looks bright for The Shockers, and I can’t wait to see what we do within the next few years.