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Preseason MVC Rankings 2014-15

College basketball season is just sixteen days away for Shocker fans, and I can’t believe it. The USAToday Coaches Poll ranked Wichita State at #11 this preseason. The Shockers are the lone ranked team to start the year in the Missouri Valley Conference. WSU returns four of five starters from a year ago after Cleanthony Early graduated and was drafted by the New York Knicks. The biggest question for the Shockers will be who steps up at the power forward position. Continue Reading →

Chadrack Lufile Wichita State Glue Guy

Canadian Glue Guys


Nick Wiggins Wichita State Gregg Marshall

Courtesy of Steve Adelson

You have probably heard the term “glue guy” when talking college hoops. To me, a glue guy is someone on your team who won’t have crazy stats, but has other intangibles that affect the outcomes of games. Those intangibles can range from leadership, hustle, camaraderie, knowing the system, to being a solid practice player helping your team out. Through the years, especially under Gregg Marshall, Wichita State has seen it’s share of glue guys. Off the top of my head, Wichita State glue guys under Marshall have been Demetric Williams for 12-13, Ben Smith 11-12, Aaron Ellis 10-11, and you could argue Graham Hatch for 10-11 as well. The definition of “glue guy” is subjective, so Hatch could be viewed as a glue guy even though he was a starter, based on the fact that his stats aren’t stellar, but did everything right that Marshall needed on the court. Continue Reading →


New year with new rules


The new season is officially underway with Wichita State dominating Oklahoma Baptist 73 – 29. Every Shocker saw time on the court, and the exhibition allowed fans to see all of the new players in action. When you beat a team by 44, and hold the opponent to one field goal in the first half, there shouldn’t be much to complain about. However, like the rest of the country, Shocker fans watched a game that had just a little more tempo than paint drying. The disparity in skill-level, size and athleticism had something to do with the lack of tempo, but the majority of the blame falls on the rule changes. Their will be a steep learning curve that teams will have, adjusting to the new rules imposed by the NCAA over the off-season. I will try my best to outline the changes, and the outcomes that the NCAA expects from the updated style of play due to the rule changes.

As a kid, I remember lining up to go back into class from recess. Kids will be kids, and we’d dribble our basketballs, pass it back and forth, and occasionally try and swat the balls out of each other’s hands. The teachers would shout at us to “keep your hands to yourself.” That can sum up the new rule changes in one sentence. The biggest rule change for this year is that the NCAA officially moved hand-checking and arm-barring from a ¬†guideline, to an official violation of the rules. The NCAA also adjusted the rules to the block/charge call.

What is hand-checking?

Hand-checking is a technique used on defense to contain an offensive player. When a defender hand-checks, they put one or both hands intermittently or constantly on the player, which affects the offensive player’s ability to move. View a video of hand-checking. Continue Reading →


The Shockers are 19-2, where will they be ranked?

After a head scratching loss to Evansville, Wichita State has won 4 in a row, which included a win over ranked Creighton. In those four wins, the Shockers had a margin of victory of 12 against Illinois State, 3 against Creighton, 10 against Missouri State, and 34 against Bradley. To say that Wichita State is on fire, is an understatement. I think the fire can be credited to the return of Carl Hall. The ability for this team to have Hall be the starting center, and have Orupke come in to give him a break is game changing. I don’t think teams know how to game-plan against the combination of Hall and Orupke at the center position. I can’t forget to mention the impact that Jake White has had on the rotation, especially since Hall was out with the thumb injury. Aside from the weakness of Jake’s 3 point shot this year, and a perceived problem of slow feet on the defensive end, he has played a tremendous role on this team as a bench player. In the last 5 games, he’s had highlight nights of 11 points against Illinois State and Bradley, and 10 rebounds against Evansville and 9 against Bradley. Continue Reading →